9 things that a good quality store must have

9 Things That Good Quality Shopify Store Must Have

Dropshoplab Shopify Beginners Guide
Dropshoplab Shopify Beginners Guide

What are the Characteristics of a Online Shop or a good quality shopify store?

A good quality shopify store can drive success in online market in very short time period. All you need to focus on these basic characteristics while designing or developing your online store.

1. Design of your Online Store

Looks gets attention, you know it well. Whether it is a physical thing or it is an online store, if it is designed well than it can help in “not loosing the customers because of looks”. A good Shopify Online Store’s design must compatible for all devices including small phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC as well.

2. Layout of Online E Commerce Store

Layout is a method or technique to decide that how all the information shall arranged on your store. You can choose comfortable layout as per your requirements, products or Information you want to show your customers. There are verity of layout available to choose.

3. Detailed Products on your E Commerce Store

People need every details about product before buying it, So your online store must have original pictures of products along with description and feature details of product.

If you are planning to start your online e-commerce store than you also need to know different types of stores and there qualities.

4. Enough Content to understand your online store services

Your online store or any online store that have enough content to understand their services can grow faster. Content is the key to SEO, the more content your online store have, more chances to appear in search engine.

Drop Shop Lab Best Shopify Store Design and Development Service Provider
Drop Shop Lab Best Shopify Store Design and Development Service Provider

5. Reliable Payment Gateway for quick transactions

A Good quality Shopify Store, Online store have no use if you don’t have a payment gateway or a poor quality payment gateway. To provide best customer experience you need to choose best and reliable payment gateway with multiple transaction options.

6. Easy Navigation around pages and products

A Good quality online Shopify store must have easy navigation. Suppose a customer added 4 products in bucket and proceeded for check out, soon he/she realize that he need one more item, now easy navigation will help him to go back and add one more item before checkout.

7. Reliable Service (delivery time and product quality)

What makes a customer to back to same service provider?

Quality and reliability, You online e commerce store must have to provide reliable service. Give quality product to customer and make sure it delivered on time. This will encourage any person to buy more products from your online store.

8. Product Return Policy of your store

If you want to make your store successful than you must have to provide a good “Product Return Policy”. For example a customer can return product if it is defective and even if he/she doesn’t liked the product or changed his/her mind. This will provide tension free online shopping experience to your customer.

9. Fast Checkout and Mobile optimized

This point is very crucial for customer as well as service provider. If I want to buy something from your store and ready for payment than I expect fast checkout even if I am using smartphone/mobile. Make sure there is nothing on your store that interrupt checkout process.

If you are a beginner in Dropshipping, than this guide will help you.

So these are the 9 things points that you need to consider if you are planning to create your new online store. Or you can simply contact us for further simplification of your requirements.

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